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28 Day Pill Reminder

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The 28-Day Pill Reminder helps you remember daily medication. Each compartment features a rounded base which makes it easier to retrieve your medication or vitamins. The top and bottom sections separate easily to make two 14-Day Pill Reminders. Lids snap tightly shut yet open easily. For easy filling and cleaning, open all lids on one side and lift off the entire top of each 14 day unit. Holds one months medication, rounded scoop bottom for easy removal of medicines. Each day holds 13 aspirin. Dimensions 5.15 inches long, 2.33 inches wide (12.5 cm x 6 cm). Each day is 0.9 inches deep, 0.64 inches wide, 0.63 inches high (2 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.4 cm).